Sobre Nosotros(About Us)

It is indeed hard to study English and speak the language fluently like natives. But you can learn the easy way with an eBook that provides over 600 English words with useful lessons. With this ultimate guide, you can have fun while learning a new language and achieve your goals in a more convenient manner.

The eBook is written by passionate people who are dedicated to teach the language through a more creative and innovative way. The helpful lessons that you will have on this guide will make the learning process more effective. Readers will in fact experience the best study method where words have Spanish equivalent terms.

The lessons are also designed with in-depth understanding and expertise for the linguistic patterns of Spanish and English. It significantly helps readers to effectively understand how and where English varies from the Spanish language. All you have to do is get a free copy now and learn English in a faster and more comfortable manner.

Who's behind this site?

Dragos Turlescu is born in Bucharest, Romania however he found his knack in internet marketing when he visited Zaragoza, Spain. He was actually acknowledged by diverse clientele because of his excellent and cost efficient marketing services. For more than 9 years, he is now a seasoned salesman trying his luck in online marketing. His company is founded in Zaragoza, Spain on the 3rd of January 2015.

By getting your own copy of the eBook, you can achieve certain level of English fluency just like a native. If you have questions or other related concerns, you may contact Dragos and get free quotes about the Spanish guide. Feel free to inform us if you need our help and we’ll be glad to assist you.